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Little Fires Everywhere- Review

I decided to do a review for Little Fires Everywhere for multiple reasons.

  • I love the Reese Witherspoon and Kerri Washington Combo. I think these 2 are talented in completely different ways, so seeing them as co-leads in the show already had me very intrigued to watch.

  • It had a Big Little Lies feel to it, and I also love that show.

  • Joshua Jackson is also in the show and I’m like.. What!! Where have you been? Side note- (he did great in this show as Reese Witherspoon’s husband btw)

I will say, from the first episode I was hooked, they did a really great job of captivating the audience and I love it when the child actors are really good. The girl who plays Kerri Washington’s daughter was amazing in this.. Totally killed it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her in more movies or TV after this. The show did a great job of keeping you on your toes and I couldn’t stop myself from binge-watching the whole show in 2/3 days.

On the negative side.. The finale was not good. They did an amazing job leading up but when it got to the “shocking Finale” it was not believable (this might be a spoiler moment so if you have not seen the shoe, I wouldn’t read further.. What got me was that at the end, all the Rich, Sheltered kids decide to burn their own family house down… now come on! We all know damn well that some spoiled privileged rich kids that live in this amazing house is going to want to burn it down cause they are pissed off at their mom.. u know one or more of the 4 kids would have fought against doing that. I’m all for teenagers going through a phase but that’s a bit extreme.

Takeaway- Overall I thought it was a pretty good show. The ending was meh but I would still recommend everyone to give it a watch. Great acting and keeps you guessing.


Amanda Pierson


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