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Good Girls: Gayle Could Have Been Good For Dean

Why do women keep coming on to Dean? I think it's because in this Good Girls world women can sense he's trying to be a better man. The complete role reversal where Beth is calling the shots and taking the lead has Dean in his mind feeling underappreciated. This would be, to most people a sense of Karma. A lot of people in the Beth apologist and bias fan groups on social media all think it's what he deserves. The reality is keeping your spouse in the dark at risk of getting a disease or having a baby out of an affair is a huge risk to any relationship but the constant life and death through gang violence that Beth has introduced to her family to me make Dean seem more of an unsung hero.

Dean will not be thrown under the bus. I like the idea of him having a connection with Gayle. It is an affair it would hurt his family, that being said, if Gayle is open to love it could show Dean the type of relationship he can have and rescue his children from the danger they are in by getting away from Beth's recklessness. If Gayle is just in it for a fling then it is more dangerous to endure. Dean, trying to be a good man turns Gayle down and Gayle shows us that she’s a woman who does not like to be told no. Most of the time a character like this would be a man who uses his position to take advantage of a woman. Giving us a woman who’s not afraid or ashamed to go for what she wants is not the problem but the turn to a petty person is just a way to keep Dean in purgatory. Eventually Beth will mess up and Dean will run into Gayles arms. The question is will Gayle stay another petty person or could she become a true threat to Beth?

Beth only telling her friends and husband about Rio’s survival until she was cornered is another step into the darkside. Her constantly justifying not being honest as everyone around her is caught in the fire is setting up a tragedy of epic proportions.

Being kicked out of said social group because I refused to hide my feelings and not speak truth to power. I was specifically told not to give praise or credit to Dean. The administration wanted me to cater to the sick fantasy of Beth and Rio. I'm here to say never. All of these characters on this show are flawed. Dean is an extremely flawed person who is now caught up in a world where Beth's recklessness supersedes Dean's yet the people who want to romanticize Beth and Rio keep crapping on a man who is really trying to get back into the light. These same fans are cheering Beth's descent into darkness because the idea of the bad boy is a turn on. Fans of the show who are supporters of Dean, you have a home here.


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