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Gal Gadot Cast As Cleopatra

1. From Deadline: Paramount Pictures has won an auction for an epic that will have Gal Gadot wearing the crown of a real wonder woman of history. Wonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkins will direct Gadot in Cleopatra, a period biographical drama scripted by Laeta Kalogridis. This is the first major project package won by Paramount Motion Picture Group President Emma Watts in an auction that came down to Universal, Warner Bros, Netflix, and Apple. Why Is This Trending? People are online attacking the casting using the hashtag WHITEWASHING. While others are posting that Cleopatra was actually of Greek and Persian descent. So should it matter that Gedot, a woman of Ashkenazi Jewish (Polish-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish, German-Jewish, and Czech-Jewish) descent, play the role? Does it matter? In the Guardian, it was stated “Casting misses a chance to give North African actors a higher profile”

2. From Variety: European cinema operators have said they’re devastated by Disney’s decision to release Pixar’s “Soul” directly on streamer Disney Plus, saying the move has “shocked and dismayed” them and deprived many audiences across the continent of watching the film. A statement from the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), which represents European cinema operators, said: “The vast majority of cinemas across Europe and indeed many regions of the world are now open and able to offer a safe and enjoyable return for audiences” Here is what's trending, The Walt Disney Company, under CEO Bob Chapek & Bob Iger, has unveiled a new corporate structure that places a higher priority on streaming in light of the rapid success of Disney+.

3. TMZ Reporting A crazy jewelry heist scene on "NCIS: New Orleans" got way too real for the actors involved ... when real cops showed up and pointed their guns at them ... and now they're suing. The 2 actors involved in the scene, along with the jewelry store owner, have filed a lawsuit in L.A. against CBS for allegedly misleading them into shooting a realistic "guerrilla-style" armed robbery in broad daylight ... without proper permits or giving cops and neighbors a heads up. The network's filed docs to get the case tossed out of California court, arguing that it involves events that took place in Louisiana, so that's where the case should have been filed. The plaintiffs' lawyers, Caleb Mason and Alan Jackson disagree ... saying the show is produced by CBS in L.A.


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