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Female Officer Threatens To Arrest An 11-Year-Old Victim of Grooming

Topic 1: Rula & Ryans Roses Reaction: Taylor suspect her husband of 3 years Mike of cheating. She gets her friend Lisa help call Mike on 3 way to flirt with him because she accuses Mike of being hansy and trying to make physical contact with her during a sleep over. The call has a shocking turn.

Topic 2: Wife steals kids heart surgery money for a Beyoncé concert. This From Drama Alert on twitter

Everyone watching, tell us in the chat what you’d do in this situation.

Topic 3: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce live updates: He fires back after she sues to take kids back to England. This headline from Page Six. Here’s the rundown on what lead up to todays update.

Topic 4: Now lets move on to the next story. Emma Roberts Apologizes to Angelica Ross for Alleged Transphobic Comments. This headline comes in from Vanity Fair. Lets rundown everything leading up to today.

Topic 5: Now lets move on to the next story. Columbus cops blame 11-year-old girl for being groomed in viral video, prompting probe. This headline is from the CBS NEWS. Let’s first play the video, then we’ll discuss it on the otherside. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Friday: Best Quotes Rundown

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