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Adult Swim DROPS Justin Roiland - Recasting Voice Roles


From Variety - Razzies apologized for nominating 12-year-old actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong and confirmed Armstrong’s name has been removed from the ballot saying, going forward, actors under 18 would not be eligible to be nominated for the awards.

(2000) Jake Lloyd, 11, Worst Supporting Actor Nom, THE FANTOM MENACE

(2023) Ryan Kiera Armstrong, 12, Worst Actress Nom (RECALLED), FIRESTARTER

(1994) Macaulay Culkin, 13, Worst Actor Nom, GETTING EVEN WITH DAD, RICHIE RICH, & THE PAGEMASTER

(1981) Brook Shields, 14, Worst Actress WINNER, THE BLUE LAGOON

From the DC Studios Lobby - Jason Momoa discussed the future of the Aquaman franchise in an interview with TheWrap and teased fans about a new DCU project after meeting with the studio’s co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. "[I'm feeling] really f-king good. Aquaman's not going anywhere, so it's alright," he said. "Everything's gonna be good, we're still here and then I might be dipping into some other things too."

From Variety- Emilia Clarke revealed that her days of fire and blood are over after Game of Thrones, and she has no plans to watch House of the Dragon.

From The Hollywood Reporter - Adult Swim has cut ties with Justin Roiland in the wake of the news that the Rick and Morty co-creator was charged with felony domestic abuse in Orange County. “Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland,”. Even yesterday on The John Campea show, a viewer asked “aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?” We got the same response in comments when Chris just asked the question, “will he be fired” in regards to a Netflix Wednesday actor's possible removal.


The Last Of Us ep 2 Talk

Scream 6 Trailer: [Navigator Question] After watching the new trailer, Neve Campbell not returning, and the current success of Jenna Ortega, is this now Ortegas franchise?

Rumors & Specs: Who will die? Who is the killer? Will Neve Campbell return?

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Academy Award Nominees


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